Kim Jong-un Makes Shockingly Rare Admission

It is widely known that the economic situation in North Korea is dire. Prolonged economic sanctions have led to the nation’s isolation, posing challenges for engaging in international trade. Recently, Kim Jong-un acknowledged the country’s challenging economic conditions.

On January 24th, Kim addressed the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) during a meeting focused on economic reforms. During this session, the nation’s leader emphasized to political officials the importance of prioritizing development in rural areas on par with affluent regions.

During the assembly, Kim conveyed that the economy was in a highly distressing condition, lacking fundamental prerequisites. Allegedly, he expressed that the inability of politicians to guarantee citizens’ access to essential living requirements, such as condiments, food items, and consumer goods, has resulted in a significant political concern that cannot be overlooked.

The autocratic leader instructed his officials to formulate concrete strategies to assist the citizens of the nation. He clarified that everyone was assigned the responsibility of enhancing the living conditions and environment for North Koreans, aiming for a more civilized and contented way of life.

Kim’s comments weren’t the initial instance of him addressing his nation’s dire economy and the dismal living conditions faced by his citizens on a daily basis. In a comparable meeting in January 2021, Kim expressed that the country’s economic development strategy fell short in nearly every aspect. He characterized the preceding five years as the most challenging period for the nation.

In the time that has passed since those statements, Kim has taken minimal steps to improve his nation’s economic well-being. Instead, he has adopted a more confrontational stance on the global platform, intensifying military buildup while his populace experiences deprivation.

In recent months, he has consistently conducted missile tests and issued threats to both South Korea and the United States. Kim’s actions have heightened the country’s isolation, leading to exacerbated economic challenges.

As Kim invests significant funds in his weaponry initiatives and issues threats to other nations, his citizens bear the brunt of the resulting repercussions.




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