VP Harris Goes To Walter Reed Hospital After Covid Concerns Swirl

VP Kamala Harris Just went to the hospital for what she calls a “standard visit” — but some fear it could be COVID-related, given her recent interactions with others.

Sunday’s news reported that the VP made an unannounced visit to Walter Reed in D.C., something a WH official confirmed but dismissed as a routine doctor’s appointment. It was apparently already scheduled.

It might seem odd that a checkup would be held on Sunday, but leaders of our country are free to make appointments whenever they need. Recent history has proven that it is not uncommon for a Prez (or any other leader) to get a check-up on a Sunday.See a doctor on the weekend.

Like we said, the WH says this is unrelated to ‘rona, or Harris’ meet-up with Texas lawmakers this past week … a few have been confirmed positive for the virus in the meantime. Still, the timing has raised eyebrows — but for now, the message is … it’s much ado about nothing.

It’s easy to see why people might be able to connect the dots. As we mentioned, Vice President met Tuesday with 60 Texas Dems fleeing their states to get a better understanding of the new voting laws.

Kamala gave them props at the meeting and said that they were doing the right things, even though it meant putting their necks on the table. Gov. Greg Abbott vowed that politicians who abandon their duties would be arrested as soon as they returned to town.

Here’s another reason Kamala’s Walter Reed visit is raising suspicion: her rep stated that she would not be tested despite being present in the same room as 3 positive Texans. This, apparently, was because the Texans weren’t close to her and she’s fully vaccinated. According to her rep, she was not at risk due to the sequences of events. Therefore, testing/quarantining was not necessary.

The three Texas state representatives who tested positive are also said to have been fully vaxxed, and yet … they caught the ‘rona anyway. Only Rep. Celia Israel has come out to reveal she was one of the 3 … the other two have remained anonymous thus far.




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