Close to 200,000 Border Arrests Made Last Month

Nearly six months after President Joe Biden took office, the southern border crisis continues to rage. The POTUS has not changed any of the policies that created the crisis, even though thousands have crossed the border. Last month was also the most violent in terms of border arrests.

A July 14 report stated that the Southern border encounters in June were the most in a decade. Over 188,000 illegal immigrants were stopped trying to enter the country. This number is more than 8000 higher than that of agents who stopped people in May.

Nearly 34% of illegals who were confronted at the border had at least one contact with agents in the past year. These new figures come only weeks after Vice President Kamala Harris visited the southern frontier. Although the Biden administration has promised to address the problem, it has not yet revealed how it intends to do so. Border Patrol has had at least one million encounters with immigrants this fiscal year.

The Biden administration allows the Mexican border problem to continue unaddressed. However, it is warning Cuban immigrants not to enter the US. Republicans believe this is because these migrants fled Communism and are more likely than others to vote Conservatives once they become citizens. The administration’s opposition to them, while standing by and not doing anything while hundreds of thousands cross the border into Mexico, is indicative of a troubling double standard. The most concerning aspect is the fact that illegal migration continues unchecked, putting Americans at great risk.




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