VP Harris Hires Two Advisers To Help With Plummeting Polls And Public Image

Kamala Harris, Vice President, is employing Jen Psaki (the brother-in-law and loyal press secretary of President Joe Biden), to help with the vice president’s public image.

Breitbart reports that the vice president has hired Adam Frankel as a speechwriter for Barack Obama. He is also the husband to Stephanie Psaki.

Public relations help

According to the Washington Post, Frankel will assist Harris in “organizational growth, strategic communications, and long-term planning”.

Frankel’s spouse, Stephanie, is a senior adviser at the Department of Health and Human Services.

According to the New York Post, Harris is a “leading candidate” to assume the presidency from Biden. Staff are concerned that Harris will lose in a matchup against Donald Trump in 2024. It’s easy to see why.

Harris, whose own White House bid imploded in failure before Biden took her on as his running mate, is seen as the most unpopular vice president in decades, thanks no doubt to her stunning incompetence and cynical, phony persona.

The Washington Post found the most polite way possible to say that Harris has no idea what she’s doing, writing that she has taken on “politically difficult assignments” where it “is difficult to make immediate progress,” like immigration, and “voting rights.”

Incompetent Harris

Harris has not taken the southern border crisis seriously and opted to concentrate on the deeply embedded “root causes” of migration in Central America rather than the new incentives Harris and Biden provided for illegal immigration.

Harris, like her boss, has been an utterly frivolous character who has no interest in protecting the country and only protects her reputation, power, status, and power.

This was again demonstrated by her last week when she compared Border Patrol agents falsely accused of using “whips” to deter illegal immigrants from Haiti with slaveholders from America’s past.

Harris stated that “human beings should not be treated that way and as we all know it also evoked images of some of the worst moments of our history,” adding preposterously that the migrants were treated like “African Americans during times of slavery,”

Harris may be agitating for the Biden team, but Biden’s failures are becoming increasingly difficult to ignore, and his approval ratings have fallen into the negative.




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