Watch As WH Cuts Bidens Feed When Hunter’s Laptop Was Brought Up


When Biden was asked a straightforward question regarding the Hunter Biden laptop during a recent news appearance, things didn’t go so smoothly.

When asked the simple question, he basically melted down until the White House terminated the line.

For roughly 15 seconds, reporters barrage Biden with questions, mostly regarding the Hunter Biden laptop and his conversation with Xi.

He sat calmly, leafing through a binder, instead of responding, instead of attempting to reassure the American people that he and his son are not corrupt and profiteering off his reputation.

The voice cut off of the video as he looked up, grinning oddly and glancing around, perhaps scanning the reporters, and neither the questions nor what Biden was saying could be heard.

The video finally cut out after a few seconds of quiet footage of Biden staring blankly while grinning like a fool.

Biden gave no answers, at least not that those watching the video could hear, and the shady manner in which the video was covered up gives the impression that the White House is concealing something, most likely what Biden might say or the fact that he can’t answer due to his guilt and/or mental state. Between his senility and Hunter’s past, it’s difficult to say what they’re most concerned about concealing.

That’s a far cry from Biden’s response to a question about the laptop in 2020, when he laughed at the idea.

Back in 2020, Biden could afford to laugh: by giggling and not seeming concerned, he could make it seem like it wasn’t such a huge thing and throw doubt on the New York Post’s laptop report.

But now that it’s been confirmed, Biden can’t ignore it. He needs to either answer questions or perform whatever the outburst in the top video was about and hope that an intern shuts the feed quickly enough. He appears to have selected the latter option.