WH Prepping Plan To Help Vulnerable Ukraine Refugees Enter US

According to a source, the White House will reveal a strategy in the coming days that will make it easier for vulnerable Ukrainian migrants to enter the US.

The plan, which could be presented this week, would allow LGBTQ activists, journalists, and Ukrainians to travel to the US safely and stay for a limited time.

It would also expedite the process of reuniting Ukrainians with family members in the United States, according to the network’s sources.

Officials from the Biden administration alluded to the idea on Tuesday, but did not provide any details.

President Joe Biden will announce more American contributions to a coordinated humanitarian response to alleviate the suffering of civilians within Ukraine and to respond to the swelling tide of refugees, according to White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan.

The president was ready to travel to Belgium and Poland for an emergency NATO summit on the Ukraine conflict, where he would meet with allies and discuss extra Russian penalties and Ukrainian help.

Biden was considering utilizing his presidential authority to grant refugees humanitarian parole or designate them for a program that helped refugees flee war zones in Afghanistan.

The choices do not guarantee permanent legal status, but the White House believes that most Ukrainians who find safe havens in Europe will wish to return home eventually.

Following allegations that numerous individuals seeking asylum in the United States were denied entry at the Mexican border, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas stated last week that they will not be turned away.

According to the network, refugees would be airlifted into the country and given support services under the White House proposals, avoiding the perilous and unpredictable ordeal asylum applicants undergo at the physical US border.

Ukraine residents who arrived in the United States before March 1 would be permitted to stay for 18 months, the US stated earlier this month.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, 3.5 million Ukrainians have fled their homes since Russia’s unprovoked invasion four weeks ago, making it Europe’s worst refugee crisis since World War II.

According to the group, the vast majority had fled to Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, and the Republic of Moldova. More than a quarter-million people sought refuge in Russia and Belarus, which is a Russian ally.




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