WH Admin Knew A Formula Shortage Was Coming As Early As Last February

As early as February, the Biden administration anticipated a shortfall of infant formula.

According to CNN’s “New Day,” Brian Deese, the head of the National Ecnomic Council, said the government is working around the clock to address the issue from every perspective available.

Deese stated that the administration is working to provide shops greater choice in terms of the sorts of formulas they may sell, but he did not provide an estimate of how long the formula scarcity will remain.

If families want immediate assistance, Deese advised them to call their healthcare practitioners.

Kaitlan Collins asked Deese how he would respond to Republicans criticizing the government for not moving quickly enough to address the shortfall. Deese said that the Biden administration has been tackling the issue from the beginning.

When Collins questioned Deese when the Biden administration first got aware of the shortfall, Deese stated the government first became aware of it when the FDA had to take action in February.

“As a parent, and with friends and colleagues, we were aware that people were starting to have trouble in stores,” he added. Since then, we’ve had a team from the FDA working on it and in the interagency process.”

“So I’m wondering if the sense inside the White House is that the FDA moved quickly enough on this issue?” Collins answered, inquiring.

Deese replied by saying that those are independent scientific conclusions and that FDA will handle it. She mentioned that FDA took action by executing a recall and at the same time assured that they are working actively on the issue so they can oversee the impacts of the recall.




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