WH Scrambles to Clean Up Biden Speech in Poland

They dispatched Joe Biden to Poland in the hopes of converting him into a wartime president, avoiding the Zelensky effect, and saving his poll numbers before the November elections.

They had Biden give a statement on Saturday that was supposed to echo John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan’s battle against the Soviet Union. This was the pitch they were making.

Biden praised Pope John Paul II for his opposition to the Soviet Union. He quoted John Paul II and stated, “Be not afraid.” He screamed obscenities at Putin and warned him not to move to Poland. But he didn’t say anything new. It was like a mock-up of a profound speech, but without the weight of reality.

The issue was that it left out some essential details that fueled their resistance to the Soviet Union’s persecution. Biden contrasted the Cold War with the Soviet Union to the current conflict with Russia and Vladimir Putin, describing both as autocracies. But there was one huge word he didn’t use, a word he appeared unwilling to say, a term that had fueled the war for decades: Communism. We were fighting Communism in a massive battle for the free world. We were opposing its spread over the world, and this was a major component in John Paul’s and the Polish people’s minds. Biden, on the other hand, can’t even pronounce the word, let alone be honest about it.

Biden also mentioned fossil fuels and the need to reduce Europe’s dependency on Russia, emphasizing the importance of transitioning away from fossil fuels.

Biden did the exact opposite by relaxing sanctions on Nord Stream 2 in May of last year, hurting Ukraine in the process. Unlike President Donald Trump, who has spoken out against such dependency and warned of the consequences, Biden appears to be only now realizing this after Russia has invaded Ukraine once more. 

“For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” he remarked of Putin. Is he promoting regime change? It’ll probably go unnoticed by the majority of the media.

The White House is scrambling to clarify what he meant in a written address once again in a Twitter thread:




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