Woman Arrested and Banned from Court After Disturbance at Trump NY City Trial

In the midst of the civil trial involving former President Donald Trump on Wednesday, a court staff member found herself in custody following an attempt to approach the former President.

As per a representative from the New York government, Ms. Jenny Hannigan, during the trial, caused a disturbance by standing and advancing towards the front of the courtroom. She vocally expressed her intention to aid Mr. Trump.

Court authorities intervened and took the woman into custody before she could approach Trump or any of the legal representatives for the other parties in the former president’s case.

Promptly, she was put on administrative leave and prohibited from entering any court facilities. She was escorted out of the courtroom and formally charged with second-degree contempt of court, a charge akin to disrupting a legal proceeding. It’s important to note that none of the individuals involved in the case were in any peril.

Former President Donald Trump is currently facing a $250 million lawsuit in New York, initiated by a progressive Attorney General and a judge who has been criticized for his competence. Trump, along with his sons Eric and Don Jr., and executives from the Trump Organization, is alleged to have overstated the former president’s net worth to obtain more favorable loan conditions. Attorney General James asserts that Mar-a-Lago, a highly valuable property in Palm Beach, is assessed at only $18 million. Critics argue that the entire trial lacks legitimacy.




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