White House Considered Giving Americans Gas Cards

Today’s unpleasant reality is that gas costs are so high that many Americans just cannot afford them. People today are spending more money on gasoline than they have ever spent before.

This has become such a problem that stories are circulating that Americans in the South are traveling to Mexico and queuing for hours only to get cheaper petrol.

Restoring America’s energy independence is a quick and effective way to combat rising gas prices. The Biden administration, on the other hand, is opposed to this because energy independence is incompatible with the socialist Green New Deal program.

In yet another attempt to divert attention away from domestic energy production, the Biden administration considered issuing pre-paid gas cards to the American public.

This, it appears, was something the White House thought would benefit Americans. However, after receiving negative response from lawmakers, the Biden administration decided to abandon the plan.

While gas cards are no longer an option, this exemplifies how out of touch the Biden administration is. Inflation is the result of the federal government spending money recklessly.

As a result, if the White House had spent more federal money on pre-paid gas cards, the result would have been even more inflation, resulting in higher petrol prices.

Distributing petrol cards, ironically, would have worked against the initiative’s main goal.

The American public has reacted negatively to news of the White House’s now-cancelled gas card scheme.

Many individuals expressed their displeasure with the suggestion on social media, calling it ridiculous and useless. Others suggested that instead of handing away gas cards, Biden should remove the roadblocks to American energy independence that he has erected.

Unfortunately, the White House continues to oppose energy independence while falsely claiming that the government is not impeding US energy output.

During a news conference last week, White House press secretary Jen Psaki claimed that Biden does not see oil pipelines as a way to lower gas prices.

Several members of Biden’s Cabinet, however, have stated that Americans who cannot afford current gas prices should acquire electric vehicles to eliminate their need for petrol.




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