Democrat Mayor of Border City Scorches Biden & Harris for Weak Leadership


Joe Biden’s approval ratings are down across the board all over the nation, even among Democrats. That’s what will happen when you fail on literally every front, whether we’re talking about inflation, rising gas prices, Afghanistan, you name it.

Far-left radicals are known for sticking together, even when they are certain that a colleague might be wildly wrong on a particular issue. Therefore, when even Democrats are calling Biden out for failing to perform, you know things are looking very good for the GOP.

Biden has a lot on his plate and he remains content to do nothing about anything. Instead, he keeps heading back home to Delaware on weekends to recharge – simply because he’s too old and run-down to be commander-in-chief.

Today’s biggest issue involves the border being overrun by illegal aliens. Bruno Lozano, the Democrat mayor of a town in Texas close to Mexico, is letting Joe and Kamala know he’s not pleased with their “leadership.”

Lozano noted, “Where is the visit to Del Rio, TX? We need you to visit Del Rio, Texas.”