Bizarre Florida Woman Caught On Video Holding Pitchfork And Whip

After attempting to sell teddy bears behind the shop, a Florida lady was caught on an odd video holding what seemed to be a pitchfork and a black whip outside a Publix Super Market.

According to an arrest record, the incident occurred at roughly 2 PM in front of a Publix Super Market at 1685 N Hancock Rd in Minneola, Florida.

An Ocoee, Florida, resident named Lisa Anne Slone, 56, was the subject of the Florida Highway Patrol trooper’s response. The lady seems to be pointing the whip towards the trooper in the dashcam video.

According to the police, the trooper ordered her to lay down the firearm but she refused. Slone’s firearm was successfully taken away by the trooper, and she was then handcuffed and put in the back of a patrol cruiser.

The arrest report stated that as they were waiting for EMS, Slone started to kick at the rear right window. Slone’s feet were put into a hobble with the help of another soldier who had just arrived on the scene.

Slone did not need to go to the hospital, according to EMS. Slone, according to the Publix manager, had earlier been attempting to sell teddy bears behind the shop before going about with a whip and a pitchfork, which she subsequently used to stab a minivan, according to the released police report.

A dangerous weapon aggravated assault accusation was brought against Stone after his arrest. Without incident, she was taken to the Orange Lake County Jail.




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