Liz Cheney is Considering a Run For President

Liz Cheney is a prominent Republican neoconservative who spearheaded the push for Trump’s impeachment.

She was mostly motivated by her disagreement with his America First foreign policy at the moment.

Cheney wants additional wars and globalist money to nudge our nation toward the WEF’s ideal. She’s thinking about running for president in 2024 as a means of achieving that aim.

After the events of January 6, Cheney took the initiative and is now a member of the J6 committee, which is working to try to impeach Trump.

Since J6, she has received several threats on her life, prompting her to spend about $60,000 on private security. She is rightfully regarded as one of the organizers working to stop Trump from re-running and sabotaging the America First movement.

Since then, Cheney has referred to herself as the Republican Party’s savior and has begun to seriously consider a 2024 presidential bid.

Cheney has never stopped criticizing the party she belongs to since taking over as vice president of the House Select Committee after the attack on January 6.

Cheney even accused the Republican Party’s pro-Trump faction of being pro-Putin when Russia attacked Ukraine in February.

She is obviously attempting to build some sort of counter comeback against the Trump movement, but polling suggests that she has almost no chance of winning the presidency.

Before setting her goals too high, Cheney might probably concentrate on the fact that she cannot even win her home state. Harriet Hageman, her main rival, is a candidate who has the complete support of Trump as well as most of the Republican Party.

Cheney is being pushed toward the cliff to which she will plunge dramatically because of her position and all of her criticism of Trump. The Wyoming primary on August 16 will make all of this plain.

Cheney consistently avoids answering directly whether or not she would run, but it is evident that she enjoys the spotlight and wants to create the biggest stir possible.




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