California Energy Emergency Alert And Switches To Natural Gas Backup


Officials in California issue an Energy Emergency Alert after the state had a power outage on Monday and was obliged to fire up four more natural gas-powered backup facilities.

The aforementioned announcement had been made by California Independent System Operator (ISO). It was the sixth day in a row that the state had been placed on Flex Alert as it attempted to meet the energy needs of the heat wave. To avoid imminent blackouts, authorities issued an energy emergency on Monday, which they later prolonged.

Officials urged people to refrain from using unneeded electric appliances and from charging electric vehicles, which are essentially the only passenger vehicles that Californians will be permitted to own starting in 2035, per recently passed legislation.

Due to the state’s rush to renewable energy sources like solar and wind power and its abandonment of fossil fuels like natural gas and nuclear power, rolling blackouts, which are regarded to be a Third World phenomena, are a possibility in California. Renewables, meanwhile, have failed frequently during late summer heat waves to satisfy the state’s fundamental demands.

In times of need, California still relies on fossil fuels. The state turned on four temporary electrical generators on Monday. They are natural gas-powered.