China Mocks Biden And US Media over Russian Invasion Day

A squad of expert screenwriters in the US intelligence agencies has once again demonstrated their shamelessness and stupidity to the rest of the world. People have also witnessed the United States’ complex strategies for defining an agenda and rallying public opinion. Perhaps this is the kind of information that American politicians require.

As China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman pointed out on Wednesday, it is precisely the relentless hype and dissemination of misinformation by some in the West that has contributed more volatility and uncertainty to a world already beset by issues, as well as increased distrust and division. We hope that the parties concerned can put an end to such misinformation tactics and focus their efforts on promoting peace, mutual trust, and collaboration.

The United States’ intelligence charade is unusual in today’s worldwide political narratives. The two sides, who are expected to clash, have declared their aversion to a war. Russia has stated repeatedly that it will not attack Ukraine, while Ukraine has stated that the situation has not been particularly tense. Despite this, the US and the West have been hyping the impending conflict nonstop, even predicting the exact hour when it will begin. In the panic, Ukraine faced a massive loss as exchange rates plunged, capital fled, and aircraft were stopped.

It is getting more difficult to counter the CCP’s assertions, as many in the US administration are in cahoots with them, gaining power and fortune at the expense of our country.




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