Watch: Tucker Carlson Reveals Stunning Information on Why Hunter Biden’s Case Was Buried


Tucker Carlson spoke about the double standard between Hunter Biden and American citizens during tonight’s opening monologue. He explained how Hunter Biden’s information was kept secret until after the election to protect Joe Biden’s chances of being elected as President.

This week’s news revealed that it was an intentional effort by intel officials to claim that the Russians were pushing a fake laptop purchased from the Kremlin. Carlson shows a clip of Biden during the debate, where he lies. Amazing… And even more amazing is the follow-up clip from Hunter Biden, where he discusses whether this was his laptop.

Politico just reported  the US Attorney for the state of Deleware, David Weiss,  held the information back…” at the request of the Biden family and their lawyers.” Wow!

“When you cover for a Democratic presidential campaign, you are…a sober-minded prosecutor.”

Carlson continues to highlight the fact that the FBI had Hunter Biden’s laptop for one year prior to the election and has still not done anything.

CNN video of Roger Stone’s arrest was shown. It is a clear example of the double standard between Hunter Biden, and anyone on the right.