DHS Secretary Sends Chilling Warning To Illegal Immigrants

Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security, said on Tuesday that already high levels of illegal immigration are expected to climb, and that migrants can expect to be deported if they show up at the southern border.

Immigration rules in the United States are still being enforced. Mayorkas stated in a video posted by the Department of Homeland Security that individuals and families should not endanger their lives by making the risky trek just to be turned back.

Our southwest border limitations have not altered. Under Title 42, single people and families will continue to be expelled if appropriate. Those who are unable to show a legal basis for their continued presence will be expelled, he stressed.

A federal court prevented the Biden administration from repealing the Trump-era pandemic health directive known as Title 42, which forces asylum seekers to remain outside the United States while their claims are investigated and expedites deportations of individuals who entered the country illegally.

President Joe Biden has been urged to revoke the order, claiming that the pandemic limitations are no longer required and that the policy is driven by bigotry or xenophobia.

When the United States, however, When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that Title 42 would be repealed in April, six Republican-led border states sued, claiming that the Biden administration had not adequately considered the expenses that states would face if the order were lifted.

According to Axios, up to 50,000 migrants are waiting in Mexican shelters for Title 42 to be lifted so they may enter the United States. According to DHS internal data, over 8,000 individuals attempt to enter the southern border illegally every day.

Judge Robert Summerhays of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana ruled against the government on Friday, ruling that the removal of Title 42 will cause severe harm to the states.

Mayorkas responded by confirming that Title 42 will be implemented at the border. Mayorkas also stated that the DHS is collaborating with other federal agencies as well as nations in South and Central America to prevent migrants from attempting to enter the United States.




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