Far Left NBC Host Is Forced To Admit Scary Poll Results For Democrats


Chuck Todd, a far-left MSNBC host, was forced to confess the devastating truth on Sunday about his beloved Democrats.

Todd spoke out about a new NBC News poll showing 71% of Americans believe the country is heading in the wrong direction.

“Just 22 percent of adults say we’re headed in the right direction,” Todd said.

“A shocking 71 percent say we’re on the wrong track, and that includes a near majority of Democrats who are saying that,” he continued. “President Biden’s approval rating stands at a dismal 42% versus 54% who disapprove. Believe it or not, just two months ago Mr. Biden was in positive territory” Todd continued.

Watch below:

Todd said the following, “What’s more, Republicans, believe it or not, have double digit leads in dealing with border security, inflation, crime, national security, the economy and, shockingly, on getting things done. Democrats hold generally smaller double digit leads on dealing with climate change, the coronavirus, education and abortion. That’s really it right now.”

Poor Chuck. He supported Biden and the Democrats throughout 2020, and now he has to face the harsh realities.