Oklahoma School’s Decision to Hire Drag Queen Principal Sparks Outrage

A drag queen has been appointed head of an elementary school in Oklahoma, a decision that has drawn much criticism.

There has been a lot of pushback to the Western Heights School District’s decision, with many people claiming it doesn’t reflect the values of the neighborhood.

One of the most outspoken critics of the selection is Oklahoma’s superintendent, Ryan Walters. Walters called the move “outrageous” and “insanity” in an interview with Fox News Digital.

Many parents in the area share his worries about the spread of what he calls “woke left-wing indoctrination” and “gender theory” in local schools.

Dr. Shane Murnan, a 52-year-old who goes by the drag queen moniker “Shantel Mandalay,” is at the center of this dispute.

Murnan was attacked for being appointed principal of John Glenn Elementary School in June. Almost twenty years ago, Murnan was accused of child pornography; however, the charges were eventually withdrawn owing to a lack of probable cause.

Despite this, the school board has stood by its choice to recruit Murnan, citing his experience and positive reputation in the education sector.

In a statement, the district highlighted Murnan’s extensive experience, stating, “Dr. Murnan has been serving the field of education for more than 25 years and has an outstanding reputation. He comes highly recommended by previous supervisors, colleagues, and educators.”

However, Walters and other critics argue the hiring of a drag queen as a school principal is inappropriate and does not align with the values of the community.

Walters has called for Murnan’s immediate termination, stating, “No parent wants to send their kids to school knowing that they could be exposed to this radical gender theory in any capacity. This woke war on our kids has to stop. We will not allow it in Oklahoma.”

This episode symbolizes a larger cultural confrontation between conservative values and liberal ideas that is occurring across the country.

How this issue will be resolved at John Glenn Elementary School is currently unknown.




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