How the Bidens Helped China Expand into the USA

Hunter’s business contacts with Chinese officials benefited China’s imperialist Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). This intends to sway governments in the developing world by persuading poor countries to take out loans from Chinese banks that they will never repay.

The first appearance of BRI in Red-Handed is Hunter Biden’s attempt to buy Greece’s public railroad using Chinese money.

Hunter’s collaborator in this effort was the China Open Ship Organization (COSCO), a firm owned by the communist regime and closely linked to the People’s Liberation Organization.

China wants to expand the BRI into Europe’s heartland and build a network of ports known as the chain of pearls that the PLA could use to threaten American naval supremacy in the Atlantic.

Hunter was given a terrific deal by the Chinese government through COSCO in order to benefit from his extensive contacts in Greece.

Thankfully for the free world, Hunter and his Beijing partners were undercut by the Italian national railway company, while Belt and Road is still searching for ways to reach Europe more comprehensively.

In 2021, the Euro Zone began hesitantly stepping back from its own infrastructure program, Global Gateway.

Despite Hunter’s lack of requisite qualifications and experience for the roles he allegedly played in the firm’s activities, CEFC poured millions of dollars into him.

Tony Bobulinski, a smart wealth manager, was irritated by this. He later became a dissident, only to be nearly as completely wiped by Biden-friendly American news outlets as Ye Jianming was by the Chinese Communist Party.




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