Leftist Actor Makes Ridiculous Claim about the GOP


If you vote for the Republican nominee in November, according to liberal actor Rob Reiner, you’re not voting for anything good. You’re not voting for reduced taxes, a rejection of cultural suicide, keeping groomers out of schools, controlling inflation, or restoring American power and image abroad.

Reiner began by absurdly framing the topic, portraying the American political issue as a battle between right-wing authoritarianism and left-wing democracy, ignoring the left’s demands for censorship and crackdown on anybody who disagrees with the prevailing narrative. He also inexplicably argued that the American political squabbling was the basis for Putin’s invasion, despite the fact that Putin invaded under Biden’s leadership.

He then moved on to the French political landscape, where nationalist Marine Le Pen had a fighting chance against the globalist, elite Macron, something Reiner was not thrilled about.

Reinier falsely accused Trump of conducting an insurgency when he returned from France and its conflict between nationalism and globalism to the nasty orange guy at home. 

In contrast, Trump has taken control of the Republican Party; the MAGA mob has generally succeeded in forcing the RINOs out of all positions but leadership.

He went on to continue bashing Trump, eventually getting to his most absurd claim, that backing with Trump and the GOP equals siding with tyranny.