Little Girl Is Having None of Joe Biden’s Creepiness

Joe Biden’s bizarre political history includes his abject creepiness around children. This is even more so when he makes public appearances. Although the touching and inappropriate comments have caused a lot of concern over the years due to Biden being a Democrat his actions have largely been dismissed.

Maybe they are. Biden does these things because he is not sure of what he is thinking. After multiple children have voiced their disapproval of his intrusions, it’d be reasonable to expect that some lessons will be learned.

Perhaps this will be the end of it all?

You’ll notice that the little girl is not having any of Joe Biden’s attempts to make her feel better. He tries to touch her first, but she retorts and turns away. The president doubles down and tries to touch her face while simultaneously moving his nose towards her hair. The girl throws her fist at him, forcing him back.

As someone who has children, and was just as young as the girl in this video, I feel I can offer some basic advice to Biden: Stop invading their personal space. This is not 1975. It is not possible to just go up to any random child and touch their hair or sniff their hair. Children who aren’t your grandchildren shouldn’t be asked to sit on your lap. It’s not acceptable to put children on your lap or comment on the legs and posture of nine-year-olds.

Although children may be children, they have boundaries that must be observed. Biden could touch and smell a 20-year old woman in a crowd. It’s not okay. The situation also involves a child. It would be reasonable to assume that the President of the United States would have an understanding of this. This is especially true considering his history. He can’t help but be a monster, and that’s what makes it so creepy.




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