Man Arrested For Attacking Capitol Police


On Wednesday afternoon, outside Union Station in Washington, DC, US Capitol Police detained a 26-year-old man they claim had two Molotov cocktails in his hands, one of which he reportedly tossed at police.

Around 3:30 pm ET, when police arrived, the suspect, Bernard L. McCutcheon, reportedly threw one of the lighted cocktails at one of them while dropping the other.

According to acting Assistant Chief of Police for Uniformed Operations Sean Gallagher, both of the officers received minimal medical attention for their wounds. Fortunately they will be alright.

McCutcheon was accused of assaulting a police officer twice, having a Molotov cocktail once, and assault with a lethal weapon once.

According to authorities, one of the drinks was concocted using a tequila bottle filled with a sock and an accelerant composed of petroleum.

Two other bottles of alcohol were also discovered by the police inside a bag.

According to the police, the guy didn’t seem to be protesting or making any sort of personal attack on Congress members or the Capitol.

The US Capitol is a little more than a mile from Union Station.