Marines Get Roasted For Going Full Woke for Pride Month

As everyone on Twitter could see on June 1st when the Marine Corps Twitter account issued this tweet with a hilarious image of a homosexual helmet:

Throughout June, the USMC recognizes and honors the efforts of our LGBTQ service members by using the hashtag #Pride. We are dedicated to promoting a discrimination-free environment and to upholding the ideals of treating everyone with dignity and respect.

The US Marine Corps, formerly known for being full of tough-as-nails leathernecks capable of defeating any opponent, fighting against seemingly impossible odds, and overcoming every impediment America’s foes threw in its way, is now preaching wokeness on Twitter.

One Twitter user, probably encapsulating how many Americans feel at their finest, stated,

“Maybe focus on what’s actually important to the nation’s defense. China and Russia are bolstering up their ranks with masculinity understanding it’s necessity, while we seem to be celebrating sexual choices and gender changes in our military.”

Absolutely. Perhaps, at a time when Red China appears set to seize Taiwan and the Russians are mowing through a country in Eastern Europe that we persist on backing, it might be better if the military focused on winning wars rather than waking up, especially since we haven’t won a war since 1991.

But that was only one remark. Many more also spoke up. June is PTSD Awareness Month in the United States. The Marines have yet to tweet about it.




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