Migrants in Camouflage Found Hiding near Border in Texas


Chief Patrol Agent Sean L. McGoffin of the Big Bend Sector posted a photo of a group of 30 migrants discovered hidden in the brush. Van Horn Station agents were notified of the group passing through the region around 30 miles from the Texas-Mexico border by electronic monitoring devices.

Following the sensor signal, the agents noticed foot marks and began tracing the group of migrants. The agents followed this lead to the region south of Van Horn, where they arrested the gang hiding in the brush.

The agents apprehended a group of 30 migrants, identifying them as Ecuadorians, Guatemalans, Hondurans, and Mexicans. McGoffin tweeted that they were all in the country illegally.

Big Bend Sector agents discovered a Pakistani guy attempting to enter the United States last week. The individual was discovered lurking in the woods near the Presidio port of entry by the agents.

According to a source working under the umbrella of the United States Border Patrol, Big Bend Sector Border Patrol agents captured approximately 3,000 migrants in May. Border Patrol and Customs. According to the unofficial data, approximately 220,000 migrants were captured in May.