Mom Of Bride Lands In ER After Forced To Get Vaxxed For Wedding

After speaking with her doctor, Kathleen Zemlachenko, 63, of Raritan Township, New Jersey, decided not to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Zemlachenko, who was fit and active, had tested positive for COVID in January 2021. She had very high antibody levels to prove it.

Unless Zemlachenko received the vaccine, it appeared that she would not be allowed to accompany her youngest daughter, Emily, for a wedding-dress fitting session for mother and daughter in a Manhattan boutique ahead of Emily’s November 2021 wedding.

Zemlachenko felt compelled to make a difficult choice. Her decision ended up placing her life in peril.

Zemlachenko received the Johnson & Johnson vaccination on August 5, 2021, giving her enough time to be completely inoculated before the mother-daughter dress fitting.

Zemlachenko, on the other hand, got a severe headache and extremely high blood pressure two days after receiving the COVID vaccine.

Her blood pressure was 40 points higher than normal, and she ended herself in the emergency room at Hunterdon Medical Center in Flemington, New Jersey.

The vaccine, she and her doctors agreed, was to blame for the occurrence.

Zemlachenko was prescribed medicine to assist him manage his possibly life-threatening hypertension.

Multiple appointments to the doctor caused her job routine to be disturbed. Her condition ultimately improved, much to the delight of her family and friends.

New York City’s vaccine obligation, as well as the threats surrounding it, prompted Zemlachenko to obtain the vaccine. The family was merely attempting to obey the regulations as best they could, which had unintended effects.

She was able to attend her daughter’s wedding dress fitting as planned. She cherished the time she spent in Manhattan with her youngest child.

While she was able to attend the most precious moment in the life of her daughter, her health was placed in jeopardy because of the government mandated vaccine policies. She noted that vaccines should be one’s option and should not be forced on anybody.




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