Navy Commander Admits Bribery in Giant National Security Breach

As part of the so-called Fat Leonard corruption case, a top US Navy officer has admitted to taking a large payment.

Some have called this one of the most serious national security breaches in the United States since the Cold War ended 30 years ago.

The US Navy officer in issue, Commander Stephen Shedd, took bribes totaling a quarter-million dollars, according to the newest confession in the disturbing case.

The so-called Fat Leonard, a foreign defense contractor located in Singapore, bribed Shedd, a member of the Navy’s Seventh Fleet. He admitted to passing on sensitive US government material to him.

To top it off, according to the Department of Justice, the bribes were only partially paid in cash; the rest was paid in prostitutes, entertainment, food, hotels, travel, and other presents. Shedd, on the other hand, pleaded guilty to the bribery counts.

Nine additional members of the US Seventh Fleet’s leadership have been charged with the same offenses as Shedd. According to the Navy Times, a total of 28 US Navy and defense contractor individuals have admitted their culpability.

Francis pleaded guilty to the accusations brought against him by the US government in 2015, but has yet to be sentenced.

He was the CEO of his defense contractor company, Glenn Defense Marine Asia, and a Malaysian citizen. He weighed roughly 350 pounds, according to the other facts available on him.

Shedd admits to giving Francis secret information about ship timetables and logistics during his stint as a US Navy officer.

Six other defendants, in addition to Shedd, are accused of scheming to trade military secrets and influence in exchange for sex parties with prostitutes, fancy dinners, and travel, among other things.

One more commander, four captains, and one rear admiral, Bruce Loveless, are among them.




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