The FBI Comes Down on the Pelosi Family

A $1,500 check to a rugby club may bring the Pelosi empire to a halt, or at the very least make a huge dent in it. That’s because the check was allegedly paid as a bribe by Nancy Pelosi’s son, who is being investigated by the FBI.

Pelosi’s son, Paul Pelosi Jr., was recently exposed as a partner in five companies under investigation by the FBI for various nefarious activities. He’s never been charged or penalized for any of it, but he’s been linked to considerably more dishonest or thieving companies than the typical individual.

Agents interrogated Paul Pelosi Jr. and at least three of his friends as part of a five-year investigation that led to the prosecution of a prolific construction permit fixer for allegedly paying a city official.

Paul Pelosi Jr. and his colleagues are accused of bribing a government official, Rodrigo Santos, to eliminate permission issues on a substandard, clearly out-of-code residence owned by Pelosi Jr.’s girlfriend.

They allegedly bribed Santos, who was later charged with fraud, by funneling thousands of dollars to a rugby club that is supported by another allegedly corrupt official, Bernie Curran.

Despite the fact that Curran and Santos deny any wrongdoing, the FBI appears to have some fairly solid evidence against them.

According to text messages obtained by the feds, one of Santos’ clients, identified only as ‘Client 9’ in the FBI documents, wrote a $1,500 check to the Golden Gate Youth Rugby Association to persuade Curran to remove violation notices against a squalid Mission District hotel known among building inspectors as ‘The Pit,’ which had a long history of dangerous permit violations.

Nancy has been indulging in real estate as well, while her son has been busy paying minor bribes to avoid patching up a run-down tenement. She has a tens of millions-dollar real estate portfolio, which, together with her stock trading, helps support her paltry Congressional salary.




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