New Polls From Swing State Spell Doom For Joe Biden And Democrats

We have learned a few lessons from the recent elections.

Voter fraud, big-tech influence, and ghost voters could all affect the outcome of the election. Secondly, many polling companies have yet to reach a large enough number of registered voters in order to accurately predict future elections.

Their old method of calling people by their landlines is not working anymore, and the mobile nature is causing havoc for everyone.

However, this does not mean that all pollsters are losing control. Some pollsters seem to do a better job than others, and their latest polling suggests that Biden’s progressive Democratic Party is in serious trouble.

WMUR TV reported that a recent poll from New Hampshire indicated that voters believe the country is heading in the wrong direction.

The poll of 1,323 registered voters was conducted by Saint Anselm College Survey Center from Oct. 20 through Oct. 22, WMU reported.

The poll found that 68% of New Hampshire voters believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. Only 21% of those polled believe the country is heading in the right direction. WMUR reported that 44% of those questioned felt President Biden did a good job and 56% disagreed.

“Right now, we’re seeing that New Hampshire voters are much more polarized and pessimistic about the future than ever before,” said poll director and executive director of the New Hampshire Institute of Politics Neil Levesque.

The WMUR poll provides more evidence that the GOP could regain both chambers of Congress in 22, with the U.S. Senate locked at 50/50. It showed voters their preference for a hypothetical 2022 U.S. Senate race between Republican Governors. Chris Sununu, Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan. Sununu won the poll by 46% to 41%.

The Democrats are losing ground in Virginia’s gubernatorial race. As President Biden’s approval ratings drop like a rock, he still makes a final pitch for potential voters.

Fox News poll released on Thursday showed that 53 percent of likely voters support Glenn Youngkin as Republican nominee for governor, while 45 percent are in favor Clinton-backed and Former Virginia Governor. Terry McAuliffe, D. The margin of error for likely voters is +/- 3 percentage points.

Biden is also in trouble due to recent polls from Fox New and WMUR.

A Quinnipiac University survey showed that only 37% of Americans approve of Biden’s job performance.

Grinnell–Selzer’s survey found that President Donald Trump is leading President Biden among Independent voters by a massive 45% to 28% margin. This poll is representative of the entire population. 2022-24 will prove disastrous for Democrats candidates and party as a whole.

My point of view is that I would be surprised if Biden wins any votes, given Joe’s failure to withdraw Afghanistan, his COVID mishandling and massive illegal immigration, other than those from his far-left radical base.




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