NFL Star Fined A Ton Of Money For Insanely Stupid Reason


T.J. Watt was reportedly fined by the NFL. Watt for the most ludicrous of reasons.

During a game against Baltimore this past season, Watt tied the single-season sack record, and he recently confessed to Dan Patrick that he checked his phone during halftime to see if he’d been credited with a sack.

He joked about checking his phone at halftime during the Baltimore game where NFL took his word seriously and gave him a fine of $10,000.00. Watt said that they are allowed to check their phones before the game or during halftime. 

The failed snap between Ravens center Bradley Bozeman and quarterback Tyler Huntley was only ruled an abortive play by the NFL. Watt was only given a tackle for loss and a forced fumble instead of a sack.

When Watt told Patrick the allegation, he sounded dead serious, and the NFL took it seriously.

Watt’s admission was discovered by someone in the league, who slammed the hammer down.

Watt’s fine wasn’t his first of the season. The All-Pro linebacker was fined $10,815 for attempting to smack the ball out of running back Alex Collins’ grip during a Week 6 clash with the Seattle Seahawks.