Pence Blasts Bidens COVID Vax Mandate at Oregon GOP Dinner

Over the weekend, former Vice President Mike Pence criticized President Joe Biden for insisting that a COVID-19 vaccination mandate was not about freedom.

Pence spoke Saturday night at Washington County GOP’s Annual Reagan Day Dinner, Hillsboro, Oregon. KATU reported. Pence stated that he would urge every American to have their vaccines, but it was up to them.

“Joe Biden also said, ‘This is not about freedom,’ but America is about freedom. We will not allow American liberty to be a causality of the coronavirus pandemic.”

Biden signed an executive order last week requiring that all government employees be vaccinated against COVID-19. Biden also ordered that all employees of companies employing more than 100 people be vaccinated and tested every week.

Pence and his wife were publicly vaccinated in December 2020.

After last year’s antipolice protests in Portland, the former vice president challenged Republicans and asked them to prove that Oregon has conservative ideals.

He also spoke out against “critical Race Theory” and Biden’s infrastructure plans, KOIN stated.

The Encyclopedia Britannica defines critical race theory as “a socially constructed category intended to maintain socio, economic and political inequalities among whites and non-whites.” It states that the U.S. is systemically or inherently racist.

Pence was the dinner’s main speaker. He is considered a possible contender for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024. According to KPTV, the Washington County GOP was created to invigorate the party in a state that many of its supporters feel their voices are not heard at both the federal and state levels.

The supermajority of Oregon’s Democrats is held by both chambers.

Cliff Bentz (Republican from Oregon) is the only Republican among the five-member Oregon House delegation.

Bentz stated that Pence’s presence indicated a renewed interest in the state by the national party.

“I think that sends a signal that Oregon matters and that the republicans in Oregon matter,” Bentz said, KPTV reported. “And right after what we have seen in the redistricting here, a lot of Republicans are thinking they don’t matter and, you know what, we do.”

Late last month at a forum devoted to demographics and family values in Budapest, Hungary, Pence said that he was hopeful the Supreme Court soon would overturn abortion rights in the U.S.




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