Philadelphia Flip Flops On Its Indoor Mask Mandate

Corruption abounds in the city of brotherly love, particularly at the political level.

A city formerly known for the Liberty Bell, the Eagles, the Sixers, and Rocky is now recognized for severe poverty, violence, and voter fraud.

Following the edicts given down by the democratic party leadership has been of fundamental significance to those operating Philadelphia as a highly awakened, anti-racism, social justice center.

According to municipal officials, the Philadelphia Health Department is now abandoning its indoor mask regulation less than a week after reintroducing it.

Masks are strongly advised but not necessary in public indoor settings, with the exception of healthcare and communal settings, due to a recent leveling-off of case numbers and a drop in COVID-19 hospitalizations in the City.

Residents and tourists should wear a mask in indoor public settings and be vaccinated and/or boosted if they are eligible, according to the Health Department. Thank you, Philadelphia, for once again rising to the occasion and reacting to the epidemic with unity and concern for one another.

The announcement comes only days after the city reinstated the indoor mask requirement, shifting to Level 2 of its four-tier coronavirus risk scale, which is also being phased out.

Health Commissioner Dr. Cheryl Bettigole implied in a statement that the few days of mask mandates were so effective that it helped ward off a spike in cases in the city, in an apparent attempt to deflect criticism and mask any evidence that they may have prematurely re-instituted the mask mandate before suddenly dropping it again.

It’s unclear what that evaluation is founded on, but in America 2022, public officials appear to have a hard time telling the truth and nothing but the truth, yet they’re still employed and re-elected.




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