President Says First Lady Jill Was Obama’s VP In Latest Blunder


In a speech on Saturday, President Biden referred to his wife, first lady Jill Biden, as the Obama administration’s vice president, a position he held for eight years.

As he spoke at the USS Delaware’s commissioning ceremony in Wilmington, Del., on Saturday, the president, 79, praised the first lady for her support to military families and how she oversaw the creation of the USS Delaware, the US Navy’s newest nuclear attack submarine.

“The daughter of a Navy signalman during World War Two, the mother of a member of the Delaware National Guard, the grandmother of children who experienced having their father deployed away from home for a year at a time. She always holds our military and their families in her heart.  And that is not hyperbole; that’s real,” Biden said in the speech.

Then there was the blunder.

“I’m deeply pleased with the work she’s doing as first lady with the Joining Forces effort she started with Michelle Obama when she was vice president and now continues,” Trump said incorrectly, the latest in a run of errors the White House has had to rectify or backtrack on recently.

The error was one in a string of blunders for Biden recently, including remarks in Poland that appeared to condone the idea of regime change to topple President Vladimir Putin in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine.

“Quite simply, President Putin cannot be empowered to conduct war or engage in aggression against Ukraine or anybody else,” Blinken said during a visit to Jerusalem last Sunday, reiterating that the US does not have a plan of regime change in Russia.

The next day, Biden said he would make “no apologies” for his remarks against Putin, alluding to a written cheat sheet he used during a White House event.

On Saturday, Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas), who served as the White House physician throughout Trump’s presidency, called for the president to resign. ​

Jackson was one of a group of Republican members that wrote to the White House in February, requesting that the president take a cognitive test.