Students Give Bidens Brutally Honest Assessments of Virtual Learning

President Joe Biden and Jill Biden were given an honest appraisal of what it was like to learn from home by a group of fifth graders in Yorktown, Virginia, who shared how they didn’t like it but could at least sneak in naps.Most of them basically said that online learning was terrible.

The first couple paid a visit to a fifth-grade classroom at Yorktown Elementary School on Monday, as the Biden administration began a blitzkrieg to pitch its $4.1 trillion federal spending proposal despite discussions with Republicans.

The students returned to class four days a week, seated at tables with plastic shields around them. Face masks were worn by all.

President Biden reminded the children that the first lady is a full-time teacher and inquired about their experiences learning from home.

Republicans have chastised Biden for not reopening schools quickly enough, but none of them voted for the $1.9 trillion COVID relief measure, which included funding for extra cleaning, supplies, and additional personnel and teachers to assist schools reopen. Biden has stated that he wants schools to reopen in a safe manner.

The president also asked the children what they wanted to be when they grew up, and received a wide range of responses, including fashion designer, chef, and hair stylist.

The kids were working on a project that required them to construct structures in the event that they were shipwrecked. Because Naval Weapons Station Yorktown is close by, the school has a large number of military children.

Some of the more pessimistic students discussed where they would bury their teacher if their shelter failed.




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