Texas Sues Biden Admin Over Federal Mask Mandate On Planes

Texas has filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration over the federal mask requirement for airlines and airports.

The mandate issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was unconstitutional. A statement from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, the Texas Public Policy Foundation and its head legal counsel Rob Henneke, and Rep. Beth Van Duyne reads, “It was not authorized by Congress, and the CDC did not put the mandate up for notice and comment, which is normally required for regulations like this.” Failure to comply with the Administration’s mask order, however, can result in criminal charges.

Biden’s continuous contempt for Texans’ individual liberty is not just insulting to the United States. It’s also troubling that any president believes he or she can behave above the law while hard working Americans watch. President Biden will no longer be able to govern by executive orders. The time has come to overturn his administration’s air-travel mask requirement. I’m delighted to join with my friend Congresswoman Van Duyne and her legal team at the Texas Public Policy Foundation to defend Texans’ rights and the rule of law. In a statement, Paxton stated.

Paxton has sued the Biden administration on multiple occasions over coronavirus regulations, and in December, an injunction was issued against Biden’s intention to require government healthcare workers to submit to coronavirus vaccinations.

Despite a widely available coronavirus vaccine, research exposing the ineffectiveness of cloth masks, and a reduction in coronavirus incidence across the US that has forced many states to drop indoor mask laws, the federal government continues to enforce masks until at least March 18.




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