Trump Sues New York City For Wrongful Termination Of Contracts

Everyone seemed to be on the same page after the unfortunate incident of January 6.

This includes New York City, which terminated a contract with Trump Organization shortly after the events in Washington D.C.

Trump’s team is responding now.

Democrats and other politicians accused Trump of inciting the riots that led to massive civil unrest at the Capitol.

It led to a series if demands from those who felt that Trump should at least partially be held responsible.

New York City ended their contract with Trump’s property for a Trump golf course.

The Trump Organization was not pleased with this and has now filed a lawsuit against the City. They claim “political motivation.”

It charges the Mayor and the city of inciting others to end business with Trump-related entities.

Added to that,They criticized de Blasio’s “pre-existing, political-based predisposition” to end Trump-related contracts.

They also said that this was not related to the Trump Organization’s failure to fulfill its obligations.

This is all political and, as such, qualifies for wrongful termination.

Trump’s legal team may have a case. They appear to have evidence that supports that possibility.

If that happens, it could be another major victory for Trump who continues his fight against those who denigrate him.

The Key Takeaways

  • New York City is being sued by The Trump Organization for “wrongful termination” golf course contracts.
  • After the Jan. 6 incident, the city ended the contracts.
  • Trump’s team claims that the decision was solely political.



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