VP Kamala Gets Some Bad News from Her Home State

Only 35% of people in Harris’ native state of California approve of her, according to a study done by the Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies.

Even the Bay Area, where Kamala spent the majority of his career, leans a few more points in her favor. While 35% of Californians favor her in general, just 38% in the Bay Area do, which isn’t a fantastic outcome after years of hard effort.

With 35% of voters approving and 45% disapproving of her performance, she continues to be seen more negatively than favorably. Her approval rating was 38 percent approval to 46 percent disapproval two months ago. The percentage of voters who had no opinion on her performance jumped to 21% in April from 15% in February.

The survey director explained that a number of respondents are reevaluating their opinions about Kamala. It’s not as if they’ve all turned against you. They’ve gone from having an opinion to having none. That’s not quite as awful, but it’s still bad news for the vice president’s home state.

President Joe Biden’s statistics are also unfavorable. According to a new UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies survey, around 6 in 10 California voters disapprove of President Biden’s management of inflation, despite his overall job rating improving modestly in the previous two months.

Under Biden’s leadership, Americans have become increasingly gloomy, with a large majority of those questioned expressing a dismal outlook on the future.

The poll reveals a highly negative electorate regarding the future. Two-thirds of registered voters believe the country is headed in the wrong way, while only 26% say it is on the right track. Republicans are almost universally pessimistic, with 92 percent believing the country is headed in the wrong direction. A large majority of respondents who are not associated with a political party — 65 percent — agree, as do 51 percent of Democrats.




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