Watch Flash Mob Of Looters Ransack Convenience Store As Crime Rises

Authorities claim that a flash mob of robbers ransacked a 7-Eleven in Los Angeles earlier this week and made off with a number of items, including cigarettes, food, and other items.

Numerous individuals, many of whom did not bother to cover their faces, are seen collecting different things as they storm the chain store on Monday just after midnight in the Harbor Gateway neighborhood of Los Angeles, according to video recordings released by the LAPD.

A portion of the video even shows the noisy group entering the area behind the counter that 7-Eleven staff had left vacant and hurling objects toward a group of individuals on the other side.

According to authorities, items like lottery tickets, cigarettes, snacks, and beverages were all stolen from the store, which had also been trashed. Supposedly, things were thrown at store employees by the robbers.

Before the police came, the crowds of suspects immediately fled the scene after leaving the store, according to the police.

According to authorities, the robberies took place during a street takeover in which motorists surrounded and blocked a city junction with their cars from all sides to form a pit in the centre of it.

Drivers began doing donuts as onlookers stepped out of their cars, according to officials.

In order to catch the suspects, police were asking for assistance from the public.

The incident occurs at a time when LA County District Attorney George Gascon and his office are facing criticism for prosecutorial negligence, which some attribute to a rise in the city’s crime rate. He has drawn criticism for proposing to relax the state’s three strikes statute, which calls for more severe punishments for repeat offenders.




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