WH Press Secretary Stated Kentucky Flooding Is Part Of Climate Change

As President Biden touched down in Kentucky on Monday to assess the floods that claimed at least 37 lives last week, the White House launched an attack on climate change.

According to Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary for the White House, the flooding is another indication that climate change is worsening natural disasters. Throughout the course of Monday afternoon, Biden and first wife Jill Biden will have meetings with Democratic Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear.

The president and governor will visit with people whose houses were severely damaged by the sudden floods.

While traveling to Kentucky on Air Force One, Jean-Pierre spoke with the media, “The floods in Kentucky and extreme weather all around the country are yet another reminder of the intensifying and accelerated impacts of climate change and the urgent need to invest in making our communities more resilient to it.”

More than 400 members of the National Guard have been sent by Beshear to the impacted area. The state has seen 100-degree temperatures and soaring humidity in the days afterward, providing little relief to victims who lost their homes.

Around 1,300 individuals have been saved by first responders so far from the rubble of destroyed villages.

Last week, Biden designated the flooding a federal disaster, granting the state access to federal funding for rescue and recovery activities.




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