Woman Attacks Man on Delta Flight for Not Having Mask On

One of the most disturbing things the media and leftists have done with the epidemic is to use fear mongering to drive some people insane.

Fear has led to some people refusing to leave their homes for two years or avoiding regular social contact. Some people are flocking to emergency hospitals in states like Vermont, despite the fact that they are perfectly asymptomatic.

For a virus that most people are able to survive, it’s driven some individuals insane. It led to the emergence of a new pandemic: a pandemic of perpetual dread, which the government is willingly contributing to in order to exert control over people’s activities.

On Thursday, for example, a Delta flight from Tampa to Atlanta. Now, let’s start with the premise that some people were sick prior to the epidemic. However, the problem of masks has pushed some people over the line.

This lady was yelling in the face of an older guy for not wearing his mask. Despite the fact that she is shouting at him to put his mask on, she is not wearing it. He attempts to inform her he’s eating, but she doesn’t seem to notice as she rants at him. When he refers to her as a “Karen,” things go from bad to worse.

She strikes him on the side of the face when he calls her names. She then spits on him and slashes his face with her fingernails as she drags them across his face.

The flight attendants are doing everything they can to intercede and stop her at this point. A female flight attendant grabs her and attempts to take her away, while a male flight attendant pushes a trolley at her and holds her hand to prevent her from assaulting the guy.




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