YouTube Permanently Suspends Conservative Talk Show Host


For breaking YouTube’s terms of service, conservative talk show host Dan Bongino has been permanently removed off the platform.

“We terminated Dan Bongino’s channels for circumventing our Terms of Service by posting a video while there was an active strike and suspension associated with the account. When a channel receives a strike, it is against our Terms of Service to post content or use another channel to circumvent the suspension. If a channel is terminated, the uploader is unable to use, own or create any other YouTube channels”, a YouTube official spokesman said.

Bongino had already announced his departure from YouTube and has been active on Rumble, a website popular by conservatives looking for alternatives to Big Tech, which they claim censors their views on purpose.

Following the attack on the United States, former President Donald Trump was permanently banned from Twitter and Facebook for breaking policies against inciting violence. Capitol. For identical grounds, he was also banned from YouTube indefinitely. Last year, Alphabet Inc. announced that the restriction will be lifted if it determined that the risk of real-world violence had lessened.